Postal Service Help for Prattville Storm Victims

PRATTVILLE, AL - Damage from Sunday's storms has temporarily interrupted delivery to about 250 addresses in Prattville.

"We are delivering to every home and business that is occupied and accessible," said Prattville Postmaster Keith Farrar. "We are also offering a number of alternatives for those who cannot receive their mail in the usual way."

The Postmaster said that mail can be called for at the Prattville Post Office at 502 Greystone Way. "To protect our customers, a photo ID is required," Farrar said.

He added that those who anticipate a recovery time of more than two weeks and intend to remain in the area, may find a Post Office Box more convenient. Also, those who are leaving the area for an extended period, may find it convenient to forward their mail to their new address.

Expedited forwarding in which mail is collected and forwarded daily via Priority Mail is also available for a fee.

"We are going to do everything we can, as quickly as we can, to assist our customers who have been affected by these storms," said Farrar.