Prattville Survivors Wait for Insurance Checks

As contractors excavated the crumbled remains of houses, many residents were hard at work--packing up and salvaging anything they could find.

Troy Midland counts himself as one of the lucky ones.

While a neighbor's house was destroyed, his home suffered relatively minor damage--mostly from flying debris.

The patched exterior of Midland's home is the result of days of hard work.

"We found some roofing nails in the shed [. . .]and a hammer, and we tarped everything up," Midland explained.

The roof looks intact, but only a thin layer protects holes from the elements.   Midland says he's waiting for the insurance check to arrive.

In the meantime, his home sits vulnerable.

"It's kind of a hurry up and wait thing. We've got people who want to do the work, but we don't have the funds to get them," Midland said.

Companies like ALFA have multiple adjusters working the neighborhood--usually handing a check to residents within a day or two.

In some cases, however, the claim takes longer to file.

"If they have to list their property loss on forms for us, it depends on how quickly they get those back," explained Bo McCollum of ALFA Insurance.

With more than 800 houses damaged or destroyed, homeowners need that financial help.

With the possibility of rain or even more severe weather on the way, it's a problem residents want addressed--before the next storm rolls into town.

"All your stuff is just exposed, and what can be salvaged--if you don't get it out in time and get it dry--is just going to ruin," explained Ray Hill, owner of a house destroyed in Sunday's tornado.

With repair time ticking away, homeowners find themselves against a wall.

"It's a rough situation," Midland said.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke