Six Arrested For Illegal Alcohol Sales

Dothan, Al (WSFA) -- In a joint effort, the Houston County Sheriffs Office and the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control shut down illegal shot houses and arrested more than 6 people for selling alcohol without a license.

62 year old Otis C. Durry, 64 year old Paul r. Johnson, 64 year old Curley L. Cliatt, 67 year old William J. Thomas, 42 year old Bobby C. Walker, and 41 year old Mary A. Thomas were arrested in connection with the shot house operartion.

Seized in the arrests, was almost 50 gallons of beer, 3 gallons of wine, 11.8 gallons of moonshine all with a total value of $1,292.00.

Also seized was $2,319.00 in cash, two handguns and one shotgun.

Capt. Mike Gonzalez of the Houston County Sheriffs Office said, "We deter a lot of other issues as far as working these shot houses. The unlawful distribution of narcotics, the possession of narcotics, the carrying of concealed weapons by unauthorized people, the overindulgence of the alcohol and possibly getting behind the wheel."

Four other people have also been taken into custody.