Perfect Pancake -- Does It Work

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and one popular breakfast food is sometimes hard to make, or at least hard to make pretty. That's where the perfect pancake takes over. It's supposed to give you a perfect pancake every time. David Hagood and a very special guest try out this latest does it work item. You here weather guys talking about weather watchers all the time but you seldom get to meet one. I asked our Holtville/Slapout weather watcher to help us out by testing the perfect pancake and Phil Guy agreed. The Perfect Pancake is something that Mr. Guy has wanted for sometime.

The Perfect Pancake kit comes with a very handy "batter releaser" so all you do is hold the releaser over the pan, then press the button and the batter comes out even. The instructions say to let the pancake cook for about 4 mins on one side with the lid of the Perfect Pancake open. Once the batter begins to bubble or you see tiny holes, it's time to flip it. You simply close the lid, move it away from the stove, then flip it. If your careful and the pancake has cooked enough, you shouldn't have any problems with the batter coming out of the sides. But if you try to flip it too soon... as Mr. Guy says... "you'll be cleaning for a week!"

The only drawbacks to the "Perfect Pancake" is the time. If you have to cook each pancake approximately 7 minutes, and you want to cook 5 pancakes for your family, that's 35 mins. So it's not very practical if you have a large family.  The bottom line is that if you follow the instructions, and you don't mind waiting awhile for your pancakes... The "Perfect Pancake" could work for you!