Store & Restaurant Security Cameras Caputure Tornado on Video

Prattville, Al. (WSFA) -- New video of the powerful EF-3 tornado that hit Prattville is being revealed.

Ryan's Steakhouse on Cobbs Ford Road has security cameras and they were rolling when the storm pounded the area.

In the video, the sky is shown getting very dark and then the tornado appears.

It heads straight for Wal-Mart and the winds and rain becoming so strong it whites out the camera at points.

Ryan's suffered minor damage and some cars in the parking log had windows blown out.

In the bottom righthand corner of the video, the company's mailbox is shown being ripped from its post.

Surveillance video from the Bass Pro Shops cameras is also being released.

In that footage you can see the funnel cloud as it starts to form.

It gets bigger and bigger as it moves towards Prattville.

Luckily, the newly built Bass Pro Shops did not sustain any damage.