State Troopers Planning New Traffic Blitz

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama state troopers are planning another series of traffic enforcement blitzes on state highways with the highest death rates for motorists.

Public Safety Director Chris Murphy said four areas of the state will be targeted for individual Take Back Our Highways campaigns.

The dates for the patrols were NOT announced.

Highways in Mobile and Baldwin counties, where 90 people were killed in highway crashes last year, top the list of increased patrol zones.

Other counties targeted in the campaign are Chilton, with 24 people killed; Tuscaloosa, 31; and Cullman, 39.

There will also be at least one statewide push using about 400 troopers, similar to last year's campaigns.

The regional increased patrols will be called 50/4 campaigns because 50 troopers will patrol the counties for four days.

plans to put more unmarked patrol cars on highways, including 30 new Dodge Chargers.

He also plans to use more marked vehicles and DPS' 18 motorcycles as part of this year's campaign.

Alabama traffic deaths last year dropped 7 percent to 767, the lowest number in four years