Prattville's Miss Fountain City 2008 Uses Power Of Pen To Help Tornado Victims

Miss Fountain City Lends A Hand Through Words To Tornado Victims
Miss Fountain City Lends A Hand Through Words To Tornado Victims

Sunday afternoon the tornado, an EF-3 with winds of around 140 mph, showed its awesome power, still evident 5 days later with the damage and debris littered through 3 neighborhoods and the shopping district.

Another kind of strength is building but this time it's in the quiet home of Jaye Herrod, Prattville's Miss Fountain City 2008.

"I hope it'll lift somebody's spirits and hopefully a handwritten note will do that," Herrod said.

The written word. Her words, handwritten notes to be hand-delivered to the very people who suffered at the hands of wicked storm.

"I just hope that it means something to somebody because that was the goal in the first place," Herrod said.

Herrod is a Prattville native. She got the idea while sitting in class two days after the storm. One thing led to another so she encouraged classmates to jot down something comforting. Today, Herrod came home with more than 120 personal notes. Here's part of what she wrote on one card.

'Do not fear for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God.' To me that tells me I am not alone," Herrod said.

Helping Jaye Herrod write the notes is Sarah Watkins who more than anyone has a keen insight of what the folks in Prattville went through. You see, Watkins lost one of her best friends 11 months ago in the Enterprise tornado. 8 Enterprise High School students died that day.

"I know how bad it hurts but you will get through it. You will be okay," said Watkins.

Jaye and Sarah say they will start first thing in the morning handing out their hand-written notes in subdivisions like Silver Hills and Overlook. Both say this is the least they could do.

While the tornado left its mark Jaye Herrod and Sarah Watkins say it's their turn to leave something behind, a touch of healing on a  broken community.