Friends Remember Johnnie Carr

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Funeral arrangements for Civil Rights icon Johnnie Carr have been announced.

Carr's son, Arlam, tell WSFA 12 News his mother's funeral will be held at the Alabama State University Acodome on Saturday, March 1. The time is set for 10a.m.

Carr made many friends in her 97 years.

Inell Johnson, 93, knew Carr since the 1940s, well before the Civil Rights leader became a household name.

"I was operating a beauty shop, when I met her," Johnson explained.

From there, the two women established a friendship that would last for generations.  When Johnson got the news, Carr went to the hospital--and later died--she found herself speechless.

"She had been over here the day before, but [her son] drove her over here.  She said, 'I don't feel up to driving today,'" Johnson explained of Carr.

On South Hall Street, across from the house Carr had called home for years, neighbor Callie Chatman remembered a woman she thought of as her second mother.

"I can say it best in her words.  She said she knew us before we knew ourselves," Chatman explained.

Even though a family friend is gone, Chatman says her influence lives on.

"The message she wanted to give to the young people today was that they need to get their lives together, and that we can become the community and the people that we once were," Chatman said.

"She was determined to do and see to things being carried out as she desired, as she though it should be," Johnson explained.

It's an ethic unparalleled.  Now, it's mourned by all.

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Reporter:  Cody Holyoke