Gang Initiation Rape Email Circulates; But Is It Real?

If you haven't gotten a copy in your email, just wait.  It's probably coming.

It's a story of how gang members are jumping into a woman's car at a Montgomery convenience store, trying to rape the woman.

The note is flying around the internet at the speed of light and it's getting a lot of attention.

There's just one problem; no one is signing it and no victim has stepped forward. So is it believable?

It's a textbook scenario. The sun is going down, the lady is white, attractive and alone at a gas pump, and Jenny Allen is not at peace.

"Scared and worried, because I have an 18 year old daughter that gets gas here a lot and it happened here from what I heard," said Allen.

The 'it' Allen refers to is a rape, the subject of one of the fastest moving emails in recent memory.

There are several versions flying around, but all of them have a common thread.

"It's about people jumping in the cars," said Allen.

The writer claims the attack happened in Mitylene and that a man named Ed spoke with an investigator who confirms the terrible crime, and it's having an effect.

"I am convinced its true.," Allen said.

The note says police are trying to keep it quiet. So we asked someone else about the claim.

Alishyia Brown is a cashier at the gas station many of the emails refer to.

"It's not true at all," said Brown.  I've never seen anything like it and I've been here three years."

Montgomery Police spokesman Huey Thornton says he's also passed several copies on to investigators.

"We have checked and double checked in reference to this email and determined it's a hoax," he said.

Logic would also suggest if a rapist was trying to get away with something, the Mitylene gas station the email talks about would make a bad choice.

"We're always busy, first second and third, we have police officers, sheriffs, state troopers come here sometime, we have surveillance cameras all around the building," said Brown.

And yet the email it continues to fly around fanning the flames of fear.

There's actually a second version of the email floating around which talks about a similar incident at a gas station on Vaughn Road at the Peppertree shopping center.

Capt. Thorton says police have no record of any such incident there, either.

Of course, the only way we or police could ever confirm if something really happened is if a victim stepped forward, and so far, no one has.

Capt. Thornton is cautioning people from passing on any emails if they haven't somehow verified the facts.

He says if you have any questions about something you've heard about, you can always call or email him at Montgomery Police.