ALGOP Chairman Hubbard Demands CBS Prove or Retract Simpson Story

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Alabama Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard is issuing a statement to CBS 60 Minutes in which he demands they prove or dismiss the Jill Simpson story.

Simpson, who appeared on the network's new magazine show last week, claims the GOP enlisted her help in bringing down former Democratic Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman.

In the interview, Simpson claims once top-advisor to the President, Karl Rove, asked her to take explicit photos of the governor cheating on his wife.

In his letter to CBS correspondent Scott Pelley, Mike Hubbard charges that neither Simpson nor the CBS Network, "...provided one shred of evidence that her charges had any merit or a kernel of truth."

Hubbard goes on to remind Pelley of the "bogus and fraudent" story CBS ran in 2004 about President Bush and his National Gaurd record, and says without hard evidence to back up their Siegelman story they have learned nothing from their "embarrassing event".

Hubbard claims the story was an unfair attack on President George W. Bush, his one-time top advisor Karl Rove, current Alabama Governor Bob Riley and the Republican Party in general.