Update On Arrest Of Funeral Home Director

Dothan, Al. (WSFA) -- An update now on the story we brought you involving the arrest of a funeral home director in Dothan.

David Michael Meadows, along with his attorney, held a press conference today to discuss the future of funerals arranged through Kent-Thornton-Meadows funeral home.

Meadows' attorney Denny Holloway read a prepared statement on behalf of Mr. Meadows.

He said that Ward-Wilson funeral home has agreed to honor all pre-need contracts arranged through Kent-Thornton-Meadows.

Mr. Holloway said, "Because we know how sensitive it is when someone thinks they paid money for a funeral and they're not going to get it."   He also added, "That if they have a contract with Kent-Thornton-Meadows or Ward-Wilson they're going to have what they contracted for, they're going to get the funeral they bought."

So far Ward-Wilson is the only funeral home to offer their services in taking on those who had pre-arranged funerals at Kent-Thornton-Meadows.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis