Wings of Freedom on Display at Montgomery Regional Airport

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) --There are some unusual planes parked at Dannelly Field. They look nothing like an airliner - and completely foreign compared to the small planes. There's a good reason, they're 60 years old.

It's called Wings of freedom, a privately funded tribute to the men and women who served in world war two. Organizers are flying a B-17, a B-24 and a B-25 around the country to remember those who served.

A Dothan man arrived on the B-25 Wednesday,  the first time he's ridden in that plane since his worst day during the war. "An ME 109 came in from the front and attacked us.  He put holes in the wing and gasoline started to spray out, " says World War II Flying Veteran, Floyd McKemie.  McKemie spent 14 months after that day in a German prison camp.

If you would like to tour any of the three planes, the private group charges $5 admission and offers rides in the old war birds for $400 for a 30 minute ride.