Keeping a School Going When There is No School

Enterprise, Al. (WSFA) -- The principal isn't the only person who is making sure that Enterprise High School keeps going, even without a real school building.

WSFA 12 News tagged along one day this week with two teachers who say the lessons of March 1st 2007 are still unfolding today.

"Everyday presents new challenges," says one of the teachers.

Working their way through the outdoor hallways of what is now Enterprise High School is how the school day begins for Bev Thompson and Debbie Shelton.

It's all about adjustments and flexibility.

Debbie Shelton says " It's one of those things you just have to realize. There is going to be change. Look at what the blessings are that we do have a place to go with a roof over our head, and we do have portables and that there will be some changes. There are days that are difficult...I've just got to learn to be flexible."

Debbie stays put in a shared college classroom, but her co-teacher for American Studies is on the move after first period.

Bev Thompson walks to her portable classroom where things are cramped and different than they used to be.

However, Bev's mission as a teacher remains unchanged saying, "It's about the students, and I know personally, for me, the day it's not about them I'm not coming back."

Bev and Debbie credit the students resiliency in making it all work.

They all still hold memories and pain over what happened a year ago.

Most of the students will never see the new high school, but they'll graduate with an understanding of how to hold onto hope in the midst of a storm.

Debbie says,"We rely a lot on each other, on our faith...There have been so many positive things in the strength that we have gained going through this together."

Bev says, "I think about March 1st everyday...When I step on campus and we all try to build each other up and support each other, I try to remember this could be it, and if it is I want it to be the very best "it!" it could have possibly been."