Enterprise Residents Continue Clean-up Process

Enterprise, Al. (WSFA) -- Parts of Enterprise certainly look a lot different  than they did one year ago. Aside from the physical reconstruction, residents who survived the storm say there is a quiet closeness.

One year later, Jessie Thompson still remembers, still holding on to the pictures he took moments after the tornado paid a visit.

"It sucked me up, off my knees against the bathroom door," said Thompson.

And within seconds, Thompson's house of more than 20 years was gone. He has a new home now, like so many others who live around what was Enterprise High School.

Glen Wilkins is among the more fortunate ones. He didn't lose any family members and not a scratch on his home. Wilkins says he is fundamentally the same man today as he was a year ago but more grateful.

"Thankful to the good Lord I am still alive," said Thomson.

Nine people died that day, eight high school students in the so-called 'third hall' and an elderly lady not far away.

"It's going to take a while for it to get it out of your system," said Thompson.

Even a year later Jessie Thompson still thinks about that day. In fact, he says he doesn't sleep very well at night. Just the mention of an impending storm makes him nervous.

"When we see bad clouds you'll see people standing out in the streets looking up," said Thompson.

When they look up today, Enterprise residents like Jessie Thompson and Glen Wilkins see a sunny day with a hint of spring just around the corner, changed lives, new beginnings, and a community more united than ever.