Looking Back on Coverage of the March 1st Tornado

Enterprise, Al. (WSFA) -- One year ago tonight no one could have predicted what would happen in Enterprise.

The following morning, March 1st, changed the city forever.

Immediately after the tornado touched down first responders swung into action, and so did WSFA 12 News.

Mark Bullock took a look back at our coverage from that day and here's what he had to say.

First came the tornado warnings, and news from the National Weather Service was dire.

There were dark skies and heavy rain and as the storm team warned residents in south Alabama word came a twister was on the ground.

Bob Howell on television: "A tornado confirmed in Coffee County in Enterprise, a lot of emergency activity going on."

Rich Thomas in the storm center: "We now have reports of an eight-mile wide path of damage through Enterprise."

The first video out of Enterprise High School was sobering. Students injured and teachers with looks of disbelief. Then, reports of the unthinkable.

Mark Bullock spoke from the WSFA 12 News Room on television: "There are some children from Enterprise High School who are unaccounted for."

It was later we learned of the fatalities.

WSFA 12 News continued to provide uninterrupted coverage for hours as the city of Enterprise coped with its worst disaster in nearly a century.

Reporter: Mark Bullock