Prattville Counts Blessings in Special Service

Sunday's special "Thanksgiving" service proved a distraction from the devastation left by an unforgiving storm.

"Two weeks ago, we had an unwelcome visitor here in Prattville," said Mike Renegar of Prattville's City Council.

Parishioners weren't the only ones at church this Sunday.  Volunteers, law enforcement officers, even victims themselves sat together for the service, honoring residents displaced by chaos--but supported by their peers.

"It's just important for us to be together--just to celebrate what we've been through, and to think about and to lift up our neighbors who will have some more to go through," said Prattville Mayor Jim Byard.

It could be much worse.

With a storm that damaged hundreds of homes and businesses, it's a near miracle--that after the dust settled on the small city--no one was killed.

"Even though you were in the midst of the greatest loss--your personal belongings--you were thanking God that you were alive," said Dr. Travis Coleman to victims of the tornado.

It's a feeling shared by affected residents.

Though the bricks and boards are twisted and broken, they can be replaced.

"I'm thankful everyone was saved..everything can be put back.  You just can't put lives back," said Barbara Grissett, a storm victim.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke