Sue Tate Testimonial

Worked for a company for 36 years and lost my job due to NAFTA.  Not only did I lose my job, I went through some tough, personal times with my family at that time.  However, I was able to find another job and, in five months, lost that job due to workforce reduction.  Can you imagine how low my self-esteem was?!!

So, I went to see Carol Lee of Lee Staffing and, in less than two weeks, I was assigned a temporary position for three months.  During that time of employment, Carol Lee was so impressed that I gave up unemployment to drive 45 minutes each way every day to work that, when my assignment ended, not only did Carol Lee come to me to offer me a position with Lee Staffing, but the company for whom I worked the assignment offered me a position as well.

I have been employed with Lee Staffing since that time, almost four years ago.  Lee Staffing has not only provided me with solid employment, it has given me the opportunity to grow in the business world and my community.  I was given an opportunity to serve as a Director of our local Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Lake Martin and received the Ambassador Award for 2005.

I would like to personally thank Lee Staffing for believing in me!!!

- Sue Tate