Clorox Oxygen Action

Cleaning products are one of the most requested of does it work items and this week we're testing a new product made by an old company to find out; "Does It Work?" At first glance the Clorox Oxygen Action looks a lot like a product we tested several months ago... Oxi Clean. Many of the new clorox claims are the same. It says it cleans by using oxygen action without chlorine or odor. Does it work as well as oxi clean? I decided to give the Clorox product the same type test that we put the Oxi Clean through. Trying to get ketchup, barbecue and mustard stains out of these carpets. Two cups of water for an eighth of a scoop is all you need for general household use like for carpet stains. After mixing you'll quickly notice something about the clorox that you don't with the the Oxi Clean. You can actually see the Clorox oxygen in action. Next apply the Clorox solution to each stain... let it soak in... wait 5 minutes... and then apply again, and this time you can really tell that the Clorox Oxygen Action is working. After completely soaking the stain, you let stand for 5 to thirty minutes, then soak up the excess solution, pour water on the stain, and scrub. All of the stains are all coming up with little effort. After you get all of the stain up, let the area dry then all you have let to do is vacuum. I have to give the nod to the Clorox. It's well known brand name, it's cheap at $4.00 a tub and it works! The clorox oxygen action works on all sorts of surfaces and items. It can even be used in your washing machine as laundry detergent. It sells for about $4.00 and you can find it area discount and grocery stores.