Task Force: Possible Evidence Found in Burk Murder Case

Auburn Assistant Police Chief Tommy Dawson speaks to the media on 3/7/08.
Auburn Assistant Police Chief Tommy Dawson speaks to the media on 3/7/08.

Auburn, Al. (WSFA) -- New information is being released in the Lauren Burk murder case after a news conference held Friday.

A gas can possibly used to torch the Auburn freshman's car was located in the dowtown area of Auburn.

Though it's not known at this time whether or not the can has anything to do with the case, the evidence has been turned over to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

The department's task will be to determine the exact contents of the jug and recover any DNA that might have been left behind.

Auburn Assistant Police Chief Tommy Dawson is also putting an end to a rumor that has troubled many students and their parents.

"The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences have told us [the task force] that she [Burk] was not sexually assaulted...I've already made that clear to the family," he said.

Meanwhile, there are still no announcements of an arrest or suspects in the case, though Dawson stresses that the task force is following "strong leads".

One of those leads is a car very similar to that of Burk's black 2001 black Honda Civic.

Though Dawson would not say why the car was important he asks that anyone with any information, regardless of how unimportant they think it may be, contact the hotline (334) 501-3140 or 911.

WSFA 12 News will continue updating this story as it developes.

WSFA.com Producer: John Shryock