Reactions To Murder Arrest

Auburn, Al. (WSFA) -- From the Auburn city police department to the campus of Auburn University, a collective sigh of relief.

"We not only made an arrest but the right person was charged," said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

Auburn University freshman Jeanna Coleman says she will sleep a little better tonight but is still bothered by one frightening aspect of the case. There is no evidence that murder victim Lauren Burk and suspect Courtney Lockhart knew each other.

"Oh, that troubles me because that tells me it was random," said Coleman.

Katrina Lott's daughter is also a freshman at Auburn University. As a mom she welcomes the news of the arrest, much like the rest of the campus of more than 24,000.

"It could happen anywhere. It doesn't change Auburn, but I'll sleep better now," said Lott.

Perhaps no one is more relieved than the family of Lauren Burk in Marietta, Georgia. Auburn city police Assistant Chief Tommy Dawson delivered the news to Lauren's dad late Friday afternoon.

"Mr. Burk was real happy and has been supportive of what we've done. I've only known him since Tuesday night but he is one of the finest people I've ever met," said Dawson.

Lauren Burk was just 18 years old, a graphic designer major at Auburn. She will be buried in Marietta on Sunday.