Weekend Shootings Kill 2, Injure 1

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Jessica Belser lives in Montgomery with her two young children.

Her neighbor, Elizabeth Frazier, 27, was shot in an apartment just just two doors away.  The alleged killer, Derrick Franklin, 27, lives right across the yard.

"[When] you see somebody in here every day, you wouldn't imagine that they'd just snap," Belser said.

In an unexpected turn of fate, Franklin turned himself into authorities--while a domestic disturbance-turned-murder leaves Frazier's 18 month-old child without a mother.

"Her little boy would play with my little boys.  Now he doesn't have a mommy," Belser explained.

Frazier wasn't the only victim over the weekend.

Police found a woman at a West Montgomery gas station--shot in the head.

Conscious, she told officers of a man authorites later found dead in a car on West Boulevard.

"The subject had been shot as well.  We located him [and found him] unresponsive, and he has been pronounced on the scene," explained Lt. Mark Drinkard of the Montgomery Police Department.

With two people dead and a woman facing brain damage in a Montgomery hospital, Belser says she's overwhelmed by the recent outpour of violence.

It's not a world she envisioned for her children.

"I just wonder what this world's coming to.  It just seems like it's not getting better at all," she explained.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke