Burk's Accused Killer Linked to Armed Hold-up of Georgia Woman

Auburn, Al. (WTVM) -- Police arrested 23-year old Courtney Lockhart over the weekend in connection with the murder of Auburn University student Lauren Burk.

But investigators believe he also held-up a woman and her son at gunpoint last Thursday outside of the Sam's Club in Columbus, Georgia.

"Took mommy's purse and put a gun at me," recalls 3-year old Aiden as he describes as best he can what happened to him and his mother Rachel Bucher outside Sam's Club.

The two had just started loading groceries into their car, when a man pulled up behind them and walked over to Aiden.

Bucher says, "I honestly thought he was just asking to take my cart when I was done with it, and instead he said 'do you want me to shoot your kid?'"

The man took her purse then drove off, but not before Bucher got a look at the licence plate and the car's color.

The next day, police called and said they had a suspect in custody and that it was the same man they believed killed Auburn freshman Lauren Burk.

"I got sick, I just thought the entire time it's a guy with a gun doing a robbery and I even thought it was a guy with an unloaded gun just doing a robbery. When I realized it could have been more than that, i just got sick," Bucher says.

Knowing that she and her son faced an accused killer, Bucher just feels lucky that her story didn't end up like Lauren's.

"My heart goes out to her friends and family, everyone connected to her, the Auburn campus, because I know they have been living in fear."

Bucher says her cell phone was found in Lockhart's car, which linked him to her robbery.

Police will not confirm if any of Lauren Burk's belongings were found in Lockhart's car as well.