Father Speaks Out About Daughter's Murder

WSFA 12 News has new information out of Houston County where a judge denied accused killer Robert Wills' request for a lower bond.

Wills is charged with murder in the road related death of 15 year old Whitney Lake.

Lake's father spoke with WSFA 12 News, explaining how his family is trying to deal with the loss. Terry Lake is grateful to everyone that has been there for him and his family.  "I just want to thank the whole community, the way they support us," says Lake.

It's been a difficult six weeks for the Lakes.  The death of their daughter Whitney stunned them.  She was killed when she was thrown from Robert Wills' truck.  He allegedly led sheriffs on a high speed chase before losing control and crashing.

Terry still struggles, saying some days are better than others.  He says returning to work has helped.  "It just helped me, just get in that routine again.  It helped me so much and I still have break downs of course."

Terry brought his family to Wicksburg in 2006, and he says he knows he made the right decision.  "I knew I was in the right place and I knew I didn't want to go nowhere, cause it was such a good place and that's why we moved here."  Lake says despite his loss, he knows Whitney is with him everyday.

Wills is in the Houston County Jail tonight.  His bond remains at $500,000.