Sexual Abuse Charges Dropped Against Former MPD Employee

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) --  WSFA 12 News has new information on a Montgomery Police Department employee arrested for sex abuse.  On Monday, a grand jury cleared Eric Kessler of all charges.

Four months ago, Kessler was arrested on two charges of sex abuse, something he allegedly alluded to during a job interview.  At that time, Kessler was working in animal control, but was applying for a position as a police officer.

His attorney tells us that Kessler and the alleged victim testified before a grand jury that nothing happened and the allegations were false.

Kessler says it was all a misunderstanding, "It's just hard to explain...It just really is for me. I don't know how they [the accuser] went where they went with it, but I was trying to explain something simple and it went way out of this world," he says.

Back in November 2007, recruiters said they gathered information that Kessler had inappropriately touched two children.  Kessler says it was all a misunderstanding and something that was taken out of range.

Kessler no longer works with MPD.  He says he chose to leave because of the circumstances and has no plans to return.