Covering Houston County: Dothan Using New Measurers To Fight Speeding

Dothan, Al (WSFA) -- Traffic, specifically speeding is a major concern in Dothan.

To fight the problem that plagues every area the city launched a plan to help.

Tuesday night the city's traffic engineer updated the city commission on their progress.

When it comes to residential speeding traffic engineer Charles Metzger gets a lot of phone calls.

"That's probably any traffic engineers biggest just normal day in and day out complaint, it's residential speeding," said Metzger.

Solutions at first were more signs and an increased police presence, but police can't be everywhere.

Then the city put in speed humps.

"So this is something that is there all the time to try to help reduce the speeds," said Metzger.

All of this is a part of the city's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program.

"It makes the neighborhoods more pedestrian or bike friendly for the folks that are living there and improves the safety and quality of live," says Metzger.

The program has been successful so far with the biggest reductions being on Deerpath road.

The average speed dropped from 39 mph to 29 mph, a 26% decrease.

Volume dropped 30%, from 1,060 to 737 cars.

City wide speeds have dropped an average of 22%.  Those numbers are in line with the national average.

Since January of 2007, the city received 64 requests for speed humps to be built in neighborhoods.