Only On WSFA 12 News: DNC Chairman Howard Dean Visits Montgomery

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) To make sure the Democrats hold on to their majority in Congress, as well as take over the presidency and any other elected position, the party's top man came to town on Tuesday. D.N.C. Chairman Howard Dean was here for a fundraiser, and WSFA 12 News was the only television station there.

But before that, he stopped by one of the headquarters to speak to a small group of the party's neighborhood leaders and precinct captains. He talked about the importance of knocking on doors to get out the vote, and he also talked about what's going on in Florida and Michigan. ADC Chairman Joe Reed announced Dean when he entered the room. "Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the National Chairman of the Democratic Party."

As he greeted everyone he passed, there was probably one thing on most people's minds. The Democratic Party is torn right now - not just between the two candidates but also between Florida and Michigan. Because those two states broke party rules, the party says their delegates won't be seated at the convention in August. Hillary Clinton won the roughly 300 delegates from those two states, and that makes a difference because right now the two candidates are about 100 delegates apart. In spite of that, Dean says the rules won't change.  "My job is for those people who don't win that they go away believing that they were treated fairly. So, the first thing is, we can not change the rules in the middle of the game. We can't change the rules on super delegates in the middle of the game and we can't change the rules on admitting primaries that were not proper in the middle of the game."

Dean says the two states can petition the party for a "do over" election but he says the delegates won't be seated without the consent of both political campaigns.

Howard Dean was in Birmingham earlier Tuesday for a luncheon and attended a fundraiser in Montgomery Tuesday night.

Reporter: Eileen Jones