Woman Left in Arkansas Holding Cell...For 96 Hours

An incredible oversight at a jail in arkansas began last thursday when a woman was accidentally left in a holding cell over the weekend.

The woman was placed in a Washington County holding cell after a court appearance for a bond violation.

A baliff was supposed to call the sheriff's office to take the 38-year-old woman to jail but apparently forgot about her.

The woman spent 96 hours without food, water or bathroom facilities.

Tim Helder, Washington County's Sheriff says, " Do we monitor with cameras? Do we put a light out in the hallway that indicates there's occupancy? It's sad to say, but it takes an incident sometimes to alert you to shortcomings in what you're doing. "

When the woman was discovered Monday she was taken to a local hospital where she was expected to recover.

The bailiff is on administrative leave until the investigation into the incident is completed.