Woman Trapped on Toilet for Months!

For the quiet town of Ness City, it is a story that is creating quite a buzz.

"It's kind of shocking in a little town like this when you hear something like this," Ness City resident Orrin Oppliger said.

The buzz all revolves around what happened in a Ness City mobile home.

Deputies say it there that 35-year-old Pam Babcock spent two years in her boyfriend's bathroom.

"I've never seen anything like this," Ness County Sheriff Brian Whipple said.

Whipple says his office received a call from the woman's boyfriend Corey McFarren saying his girlfriend wouldn't come out of the bathroom.

When deputies arrived, the woman was sitting on the toilet.

Her muscles were severely weakened.

Her skin had formed a bond with the toilet seat.

"We had to break the toilet seat away from the stool, and take her in with the toilet seat stuck to her," Whipple said.

That toilet seat was eventually surgically removed, and the woman was taken to Via Christi St. Francis Hospital for recovery.

We talked to doctors at Wesley Medical Center who say prolonged sitting, with the skin having prolonged contact with a surface likely caused her to become bonded with the seat.

"The skin relies on having the blood to refill those capillaries in those areas, and if you keep pressure on there long enough, the blood is not allowed to flow in, and the tissue basically dies," Wesley Medical Center's Steve Wilgers said.

Doctors say that creates sores that bond to the surfaces.

As for the woman, deputies say she is refusing to cooperate with doctors and law enforcement.

As for her boyfriend, the sheriff says there is a good possibility he may face charges.

For those in Ness City, this whole thing is just a mystery.

"I didn't even know that Corey had a girlfriend," Oppliger said. "I guess that is another reason it was surprising."

The Ness County Sheriff says Pam Babcock will undergo a mental evaluation in hopes of shedding light on why this happened.