Local Christian Leaders Gather to Protest Bingo

Dothan, Al (WSFA) -- New controversy over the Country Crossings entertainment district announcement in Houston County.

Local religious and business leaders along with the Alabama Christian Coalition rallied expressing their concern over projects proposed charitable bingo.

Rev. Tom Anderson is concerned.  He's fighting bingo but not for himself.

"So I got a cause, I got a cause. I believe this for my grandchildren and the people of the this community," said Anderson.

Anderson and others meet on the steps of the Houston County courthouse to hear Christian Coalition chairmen for Alabama Dr. Randy Brinson.

They rallied in protest of bingo machines being at Country Crossings.  Dr. Brinson told the crowd, they need the help of politicians to make a difference.

"In order to stop this we must have a legislative solution to this," said Dr. Brinson.

Their issue is with bingo. They support the project, it's just the fact that it would have bingo at the site.  That's what they have a problem with.

"I believe it needs to be modified and I believe gambling needs to be left out," said Rev. Anderson.

County Commissioners say they are aware of the communities concerns.  They want to stress, that bingo is just a tiny part of a greater whole.

"It's about entertainment, it's about an amusement park, and an RV park, it's a huge complex," said Houston County Commission chairman Mark Culver.

The commission has been assured that $2 million dollars will go to charities every year.

The first phase of Country Crossings is expected to open July of 2009.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis