Granny Fights Back Three Purse Snatchers

83-year-old Bernie Garcia fought off three would-be purse snatchers
83-year-old Bernie Garcia fought off three would-be purse snatchers

Police in Santa Fe, New Mexico, say three would-be purse-snatchers picked the wrong granny to pick on.

You'll have to forgive 83-year-old Bernie Garcia for using a walking-cane today.

Yesterday evening she was in fine shape.  But that's when police say someone tried to snatch her purse as she was pumping gas at the "Smith's" supermarket on Cerrillos Road.

Bernie Garcia says "he grabbed my arm where I had my purse, trying to get my purse. And that's when I said, 'Why should I let him have it?'"

Oh, Garcia let him have it, all right.

She says "there was still gas in the pump, you know? I was squirting him with it."

She was squirting 20-year-old Angelo Trujillo.  Two other men, 28-year-old Jody Martinez and 27-year-old Julian Romero, were sitting in a nearby car. Police say all three hatched the plan to rob an old woman that night. Truillo even dragged garcia several yards before giving up, because she simply wouldn't let go of her purse.

Bernie says "all my papers and my identifications and things are there. And I was fighting for what was mine."

When asked if she was going to let them take it, Bernie said "no. Hell no. Not if I could help it. But that's when I fell on the ground."

The three were quickly arrested about 10-miles away on highway 84/285.

When asked if she would ight again if something happens, Bernie said "I'll fight again. If I have the strength that I had last night, I would fight them again."

Garcia has a big bruise on her hip and a few scrapes on her hands but otherwise, she's fine.