Turf War Between Brantley Town Councilman And Sheriff

Brantley town councilman Lorey Bogen has a beef with the Crenshaw County sheriff.

"This is our police jurisdiction," said Councilman Bogen.

Bogen claims the sheriff's department has no right to write tickets and set up roadblocks inside the Brantley city limits without the police department's or the town's permission. Brantley has a full time, city-funded police force, a team of 4.

"This seems to be only place they're setting up roadblocks," said Bogen on Emmett Road.

Bogen even filed a complaint with the Alabama Attorney General's office, requesting an opinion on the matter. Sheriff Charles West offered his opinion but not on camera. West says he can pretty go where ever he wants as long as its in Crenshaw County. Councilman Bogen thinks it's personal.

"They're harassing black folks around here," Bogen claims.

At the town hall administrator Larry Morgan says Bogen is wrong, and the sheriff is right based on their own research of the law.

"Sheriff West has full legal authority to be here,' said Morgan.

In fact, Morgan says Brantley's police department doesn't have a problem with the sheriff coming in because the force could always use help.

"We need their support. They're our back-up," Morgan said.

In Alabama it's sort of a courtesy for local sheriffs not to come into the city limits but legally they have that right, according to the League of Municipalities. The entire town council voted to allow Bogen to file the complaint with the AG's office but that is not the same as saying the mayor and the majority of the council agree with his beliefs.

"If I am proven wrong then that's a fight I can't win," Bogen said.

Bogen filed his request in December. No word yet from the AG's office.