Montgomery Finalizes List of Intersections for Traffic Cameras

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright Tuesday confirmed which seven intersections in the city would be home to new red light cameras.

The cameras take photographs of license plates of drivers who run red lights.

The intersections include:

  • Carter Hill Road at Crawford (near Jeff Davis High School)
  • Norman Bridge Road at Fairview Avenue (in Cloverdale)
  • Bell Road at Vaughn Road (in east Montgomery)
  • Ann Street at Highland Avenue (in midtown Montgomery)
  • Taylor Road at Vaughn Road (in east Montgomery)
  • Southern Boulevard at Troy Highway (near Montgomery Mall)
  • Southern Boulevard at Woodley Road (in south Montgomery)

Some of the cameras are already being installed. Drivers who run red lights will get only warnings in the mail starting April 1st. The first real tickets will go out May 1st.

The fine for getting caught running a red light is $50 for the first two offenses and $100 for the third offense.

Reporter: Mark Bullock