Editorial: Feedback

Our recent editorial on bad bills pending in the state legislature resonated.

Responding to our call to kill the bill giving the legislature oversight authority over the policy decisions of the State Board of education and the senate bill that would result in campaign contributions being hidden through political parties and legislative caucuses instead of PACs, Henry Sanders e-mailed:

"This is the root of our political problem. The lack of transparency is nothing shy of criminal."

Regarding our editorial last month on the new legislative session, Don Strickland from Millbroook e-mailed: "The Senate is right on track with the last few sessions. Do nothing and don't allow anything to happen should be their motto. It seems that being able to blame someone else or declare it's not me, it's them is the phrase of the day - every day. If they were a business they would have been bankrupt years ago. It appears it doesn't bother the Senate to bankrupt a lot of people and programs along the way. If you are not going to work towards making things move, work and better the lives of Alabama's citizens, please get out of office and let someone else fill the office that will..."

And Ted Wallhofer from Greenville offered this feedback: "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the right thing, just someone with good common sense. Unfortunately, those with the qualifications don't have the money to enter into the arena."

We appreciate all of your feedback.