Red Light Cameras are Going Up

Cameras are going up at several busy intersections around the Montgomery area.
Cameras are going up at several busy intersections around the Montgomery area.

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- We've been warning Montgomery residents for some time now about the red light cameras going up over town. Tuesday, workers were busy  installing them and the city has just released the seven intersections where the cameras will be located.

Right now, if a police officer sees a car run through a red light, the driver will get a criminal traffic fine of $123.50, but because police officers can't be everywhere Mayor Bobby Bright says he has found the solution.  "This frees up manpower to be able to do other safety and crime fighting measures in the city."

Beginning April 1st, an extra set of eyes will be watching you at seven intersections all over town. They will be at Carter Hill at Crawford, which is near Jeff Davis High School, Norman Bridge at Fairview, Bell Road at Vaughn, Ann Street at Highland, Taylor Road at Vaughn, Southern Blvd. at Troy Highway and Southern Blvd. at Woodley.

And, if you go to the intersections of Ann and Highland, you'll see them installing two of the red light cameras to cover cars going in both directions, but that is not what's happening at the other intersections. At some of them, there will be only one camera and unless you're looking for it you won't even know it's there.

And, even though the Mayor says there will also be signs up, Installer Wayne Moss says they're not making motorists very happy. "They don't like it. They don't like it? No ma'am. And why is that? They don't like red light cameras. Do people actually yell things out of the car or say things? Oh yeah. They do? What do they say? My mother told me not to talk like that."

Work to put cameras up on Tuesday was also going on at Norman Bridge at Fairview. If you're caught running a red light here warnings will be issued for the month of April. After that, beginning May 1st, you will get a real citation and the fine is $50.00 each for the first two and then $100.00 for the third. And, the Mayor adds. "This does not count against your driver's license. I hesitate to point that out. I wish it did."

In the meantime, the workers are busy trying to get all ten cameras up at the seven different intersections by April 1st. "Do you ever feel intimidated or threatened by any of the motorists? No, I just kind of look over my back every now and then."

The Mayor says the red light cameras won't cost the city anything. A portion of the fines collected will go to the company that installs them.

Reporter: Eileen Jones