Dash-Cam Video Shows Officer Getting Hit at High Speed During Traffic Stop

Video rolls as a car slams into a police officer.
Video rolls as a car slams into a police officer.

Move over!

That's the message Hillsboro, Oregon police hope to convey to drivers by releasing dramatic dash-camera video of an officer getting hit at high speed during a traffic stop.

The video, released Friday, first shows Hillsboro police officer Clint Chrz asking a driver questions during a traffic stop on the shoulder of Pacific Highway.

Seconds later, a careless driver rams into Chrz's police motorcycle.

The motorcycle slams into the stopped car and Chrz is knocked over.

He's heard moaning in pain as he lies immobile, trying to recover from the impact.

Chrz suffered serious injuries and the driver will be prosecuted, according to police.

The crash occurred last November.

On Friday, Hillsboro police held a news conference to heighten public awareness about the importance of watching for stopped vehicles.

Reminders to drivers on Oregon roadways will soon become more visible in order to help keep emergency personnel working on the side of the road safe.

As part of an ongoing public awareness campaign, the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State Police will develop new highway signs, billboards, transit bus signs, rest area posters and brochures promoting the "Move Over" message across the state.

"We must be vigilant about being safe on our roads," said ODOT Director Matt Garrett. "We all need reminders every now and then. This approach helps us reach as many drivers as possible."

More than 700 officers have been killed by drivers in the last 10 years while they were working on the side of a highway, according to national statistics.