A Montgomery Mom Remembers Son On War's 5th Anniversary

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- The last time we saw and heard from Anne Adkins was back in November at a memorial dedication that honored the Alabamians who gave everything they had in the fight against terror.

"I miss and love our son so much," Anne Adkins said at the time.

Today, a rainy day in Montgomery marked the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq and the gloom still pierces Adkins' heart.

"My heart is broken. My heart will always be on my son," Adkins said.

It is also on the son of another family. Adkins found out last Friday that Matthew Bolar's friend, William O' Bryan of Texas, died in Iraq, victim of a suicide bomber.

"3 weeks to go," Adkins said.

3 weeks to go before O'Bryan could get out and go home. We don't know how O'Bryan's family feels about the war that's now entering its 6th year. We do know Anne Adkins expresses no regrets about her son's decision to join the military. In fact, she recalls a conversation she had with Matthew when the family visited ground zero in New York one Christmas.

"He looked over at me and I'll never forget this. He said, 'Mom, there's really some things worth dying for like family and country,' Adkins said.

The war clearly has been a polarizing issue for so many Americans, but not necessarily for Anne Adkins who lost her only son, a young man who volunteered to go back to war for a second tour. Not long after a road bomb took Matthew Bolar's life. He was 24.

"If that's good enough for him and there are things worth dying for.. that's good enough for me," Adkins said.

The family buried Matthew Bolar at Arlington National Cemetery last May.

Back in Montgomery Anne Adkins says work and the support of co-workers have been a saving grace yet she will forever be reminded that scourge of war reduced her own family from 4 down to 3.

Specialist Matthew Bolar would have turned 25 this summer. Adkins says she plans to spend his birthday at his grave at Arlington.

Nearly 4,000 American Troops have died since the war started 5 years ago today.