Former Montgomery Band Teacher Pleads Guilty To Sex Crime With Student

A former Montgomery Junior High band director will go to prison soon for having sex with a student.

Twenty-nine year old Quinton Mosley pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of sodomy after investigators testified he had an inappropriate relationship with a 13 year old girl.

Mosley served as band director at Brewbaker Junior High School until last April, and then his legal problems began.

Prosecutors won't say where the incidents happened, but one thing is for sure; Quinton Mosley spent a lot of time with the girl inside and outside of class.

"We would consider it (Mosley's former job) definitely a position of trust," said Assistant District Attorney Lloria James. "Certainly they tend to spend more time with studens than a math teacher or that sort of thing because they do have afterschool activities."

James would not say if that is how Mosely got close to his victim.

Montgomery Public Schools says Mosley worked at Brewbaker Junior High from February 2005 until April of last year, but would not say why he either resigned or was terminated.

Alabama court records show police arrested Mosley in July on two sodomy counts, and then the grand jury indicted him in October.

Wednesday, he agreed to plead guilty and because of that, the victim didn't have to testify in court. But prosecutors say she was ready if needed.

"She was obviously very credible in our eyes and I think she would have done a good job at trial," James said.

James says she doesn't know if Mosley had any previous problems in his teaching career, and school administrators say he passed both ABI and FBI background checks.

But it's apparent something went wrong between the start of his tenure and his arrest. When asked if they were concerned other victims might come forward, prosecutors would not rule out that possibility.

"There's always a possibility," said James. "And certainly if more victims come forward we'll prosecute it to the full extent of the law just as we did in this case."

The victim's family declined all comment on the case.

The prosecutor was very reluctant to talk about this case, citing concerns from the victim's family and because Mosley doesn't face sentencing until next month.

He faces between two and 20 years behind bars on each count.

Until then, he is free on ten thousand dollars bond.