Spray Paint Vandal Caught Dangling From Overpass

A vandal dangles from an interstate overpass.
A vandal dangles from an interstate overpass.

Two spray paint vandals were caught red handed and high and dry in McMinn County, Tennessee over the weekend.

The two 18-year-old friends wanted to show their love for two young ladies.

Their plan of action kind of makes sense but the way they did it and how they got caught, makes the story a memorable one.

On Sunday Afternoon Sheriff's Deputy Melissa Myers responded to an I-75 bridge on a call of a suspicious male.

There she found Michael Clark leaning over the railing.

"I went up to guy holding rope and told him to put hands behind his back," Myers said. "He said he couldn't because he was holding on to rope his buddy was holding on."

At the end was his friend Matthew Musnicki.

When Myers looked down, Musnicki panicked.

"He just gave me this 'oh no I got caught' look," she said. "He tried to get away and was unraveling himself on rope. When I saw him try to get away, I put his buddy in the back seat of my patrol car."

The deputy took off, driving to County Road 213 to try to nab Musnicki before he ran off, like she thought he would.

"When I pulled up he was hanging there by rope wrapped around waist and he gave me this 'I'm stuck' look."

Pictures from Myers cell phone prove it.

Musnicki had nothing to do but hang out.

The deputy was even quick enough to video the rescue on her phone.

After firefighters, EMS workers and neighbors worked to get the dangling teen down, Myers found out it was love that put him in this predicament.

"He told me he was going to write his name loves some girls name and his buddy was going to do same on opposite side," she said.

The story's one Myers tells over and over, and folks still don't believe it, but she says she'll never forget the lovebird she found hanging by a thread.

"That was probably the funniest part of whole thing, when I asked him 'do you need my help after you tried to commit this crime?'" she said. "He had to say yes and I helped him. I took him to jail, but I helped him."

The two romeo vandals were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and graffiti on government property.

They're out on a $1,500 bond.

They're due in court April 18th.

Musnicki is currently awaiting trial on a charge he stole a $60,000 sports car.