Paying at the Pump

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- The rising gas prices have hurt some were it matters most, their wallet.

People are paying more at the pump, and for one Dothan business owner that's money he doesn't have.

These are hard times for Dave Myers' carpet cleaning business.  His trucks are on the road constantly.

"We travel everywhere, Eufaula, Enterprise it really doesn't matter where, it's just that the tires stay hot on the carpet cleaning van," said Myers.

He runs two businesses but says soaring gas prices could force him to shut one of them down.

"I spend about $100 to $125 dollars a day in gas, it's about to eat me alive," said Myers.

The national average for gas is currently $3.25.  That's up 71¢ from this time last year.

However, people at the pumps say that doesn't matter much to them because no matter what the price they're still going to have to travel on the roadways.

"We just get what we use to run around town," said Dothan retiree Lee Skidmore.

Myers and the others are in the same predicament, they have to keep their gas tanks filled no matter how much it costs.

Because being on the road means Myers is still in business.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis