Two Good Samaritans Hit While Helping Another Motorists

Two good samaritans who stopped to help another driver were hit by another vehicle in Russell County.  Both men are in the hospital and on life support.

Eric Roberson and Eric Core's families tell our East Alabama newspartner WTVM, the men suffered massive head injuries after they pulled over to help and were hit by another vehicle.

State troopers say the accident happened Wednesday at the intersection of Highway 165 and County Road 18 in Russell County.  Passers by stopped to render aid and help the people involved in the first collision and subsequent to that, a third vehicle came along and failed to react in time to the first collision and crashed into those already wrecked cars, injuring those passers by," says Lt. James Patterson.

State troopers say if you do stop to help with an accident, park your vehicle in a safe place, turn on your emergency falshers and closely watch on coming traffic.