"The Call" Prayer Event Coming to Montgomery in April

Calling on all of Alabama, "The Call" is coming to the capital city.  It is a call to action through prayer, worship and fasting.

On Thursday, they came from all over the city and all over the state. Community leaders are asking residents to come together and pray. The event is, "The Call" and it is planned to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther Ding.

Kyle Searcy, Pastor of Fresh Anointing Church in Montgomery is leading the charge. He says the timing of the event is significant. Searcy says, "God does things in 40-year cycles.  That will affect the entire nation."

Searcy was joined by Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, State Senator Vivian Figures and other city and state leaders. They all agree that the call is a timely way to get the community to come together. Sen. Figures says, "We are in a time of change.  I know that prayer changes things."

Mayor Bobby Bright couldn't agree more.  He says "The Call" will give folks the chance to re-charge their spiritual batteries.  Bright says, "This is an opportunity to strengthen your faith, for your spiritual beliefs."

Similar events have been held in Boston, New Work and San Francisco. The Montgomery event is scheduled for Saturday, April 5th at Cramton Bowl.