Couple Returns Home, House sitter Growing Lots of Marijuana

A Florida couple who left their home in the care of a house sitter returned this week to find the building converted into a marijuana grow house.

Kimberly and John lived in the home in Lehigh Acres, but didn't want to give their last name because they are afraid of retribution.

The couple said they couldn't believe their eyes when they walked in the door of their home.

The walls were ripped out and all of their belongings were gone.

"He went, 'Oh my god Kimmy, the wall between the master and the living room is GONE.' And we looked with the lights and he just said, 'Get outta here. Get out'" said Kim.

They immediately called deputies who pulled 17 pot plants from the living room and the bedroom.

Authorities say million of dollars worth of drugs have been grown and sold inside the home recently.

The couple had left the southwest Florida nine months ago because a job in California offered them the chance to avoid foreclosure on the house.

"He could not find work. I tried to work more at the hospital here but it just - we were living on credit," said Kim.

They came home after neighbors told them about wild, loud parties that took place at the house.

"I feel like an idiot now because we were killing ourselves to come home only to find out, we don't have a home to come home to," said Kim.

John added, "This was the only home we had. This was our home. We've been gone for almost nine months. We come back and this is what we come back to. It's just heartbreaking."

Despite the set back, the couple refuses to move.

"If all the good people get forced out of here then, they've won. We have to re-claim the neighborhood," said Kim

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating this case.

Experts warn this kind of things can happen to anyone.

They recommend hiring a professional house sitter and make sure you check their references.