Dothan Police Crack Down on Illegal Drugs and Weapons

Dothan, AL (WSFA) --  Dothan police say recent arrests show their efforts to get illegal drugs and weapons off the streets are paying off.

"I think it's a tremendous boost not just for the law enforcement community, but the city and the county as a whole," said Dothan police chief John Powell.

Narcotics officers and members of the SWAT team conducted a series of raids, arresting nine suspects.

Officers recovered five pounds of marijuana worth $15,000 to $20,000 on the street.

Officers also confiscated 32 grams of crack cocaine and two grams powdered cocaine.

They seized weapons and a replica assault rifle.

Police chief Powell says whether real or fake, weapons like that pose serious threats.

"It could cause great harm to a citizen or a police officer.  So we're always concerned anytime we take weapons off the street when we find individuals, bad guys with guns," said Powell.

Chief Powell said despite the large number of man-hours involved, the department is committed to reducing the illegal drugs and weapons on city streets.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis