Chilton County Peaches Concerned About Cold Blast

"I hope and pray the forecasters are wrong," said Jimmy Durbin.

Durbin's 30 fields of peaches and strawberries could be in serious danger if the temperature drops below freezing for too long. The peach crops that still have part of their protective covering should be okay for a few hours in the freezing temperatures.  However, those further along can't stand more than a couple of hours.  Durbin tells us, "It's a great concern."

Durbin estimates, if the temperature drops below freezing for several hours, he could lose up to 40% of his peach crop.  Last year, a cold snap also threatened the peach crop. Durbin and other farmers worked around the clock using every tool to protect their peaches, but Durbin still lost 60% of his crop. "There are times we ask why do we do this," Durbin tells us.

This year, Durbin says it's just not feasible to spend all that money so he's doing the only thing he can.  "Say a little prayer," he said.

Durbin should know by 10:00 Tuesday morning if the cold temperatures damaged or destroyed any of the crop.  Durbin says he isn't worried about the strawberries because he can freeze protect them by spraying water on the crop.