Power Shot - Does It Work

There are more and more bogus products out on the market today and many of them claim that they can take care of that tough stain on your rug or carpet. To find out if these wonder products really work, we send our "Does It Work" guy David Hagood out to test everything from the "twist a braid" to today does it work product, the Power Shot! It's the latest product from the Woolite family. The Power Shot, it's ads on tv make it seem a little to good to be true. With just one shot, the stains goes away. Today we're testing out the Woolite on 3 very pesky stains. mud, coke, and cranberry juice. The Power Shot directions say that all you need to do is spray the stain and then walk away. Only returning to wipe the clean area with a damp cloth. After that, there's nothing to do... the power shot does it for you. It's summer time and kids will be kids, tracking in mud on your clean carpet... well this stain should be no problem for the Power Shot. After spraying the Woolite and wiping the stain with a damp paper towel, it wasn't a problem. Next up, the Coke stain... it too comes up with ease. Now what I though would be the toughest stain, the cranberry juice, turned out to be the easiest. Even after waiting several hours for the stain to somewhat reappear... it didn't. The Power Clean works! As with many carpet cleaning product you will want to test the Woolite on a scrap piece of carpet or in a place that can't be seen to make sure that it will not cause color fading. The Power Shot cost around 4 bucks and can be found at most area grocery stores. If you have a does it work idea, e-mail David at davidh@wsfa.com or send it to him the old fashioned way 12 E. Delano, Montgomery, Alabama. 36105