AAA: Expect $4 Gas by Memorial Day

Before you hop in your car, remember that a fill-up at the gas station could eat your lunch money.  A new report out today will detail why gas prices are where they are and where they're going.

Today, we're expecting more information from the Consumer Federation about why drivers can't even get the benefit of a slower economy at the pump.

Across the country, American drivers feel stuck.

Gertrude Benjamin says "we need the gas we need to get where we are going so we have no other choice but to uhh buy the gas."

Gas prices:  draining wallets.

Today the Consumer Federation of America releases its report "Why Can't Consumers Catch a Break?"

The question:  why do gas prices hover near record highs despite the highest gas stocks in a decade, a slower U.S. economy, and higher ethanol production, all forces that should drive prices down.

Not now, says AAA.

Troy Green of AAA says "California, New York, Hawaii, those states, there is a chance that they may see $4 a gallon come Memorial travel holiday."

The cost of crude and coming peak driving season are strong forces pushing prices up.

In Houston, one driver stole fuel in plain sight, lowering a hose into fuel storage tanks and making off with a thousand gallons of diesel.

Many drivers are shifting gears on expenses.

Rod Skidmore says "like maybe vacation, like maybe the type of car I buy."

Carmakers are competing big-time in fuel efficiency. Expect to see some new hybrids, clean diesels, and hydrogen fuel cells as early as this summer.

And that may come just at the right time, with AAA predicting that prices could rise a quarter a gallon on average nationwide, over the next two months.

Right now, the AAA says the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Alabama is $3.194.