Tanker Truck Bursts into Flames in Dale County

Clayhatchee, AL (WSFA) -- A terrifying scene in a small Dale County town late last night when a tanker truck carrying gasoline caught fire while the driver delivered gas to a local convenience store.

In all his years driving tankers Randy Holder has never had this kind of experience.

"I've had a spill before but it wasn't nothing like this," said Holder.

Holder drives for Hi-Ridge Transport.

He was dispatched to the service station to unload the remaining fuel from a tanker that caught fire.

He understands the dangers associated with his job.

"I mean the driver, I talked to him, he's pretty shaken up, I mean I would be too.  You know in a situation like this, this is a dangerous job," said Holder.

One of the drivers other co-workers spoke with him after the fire.

He told him he was filling out his paper work when he saw flames at his feet.

He tried using the fire extinguisher from the trucks cab but the flames were too strong.

The fire got so hot it melted the metal on the truck and burnt the asphalt beneath it.

However, what's most surprising there was no damage to the building.

"I thank the lord they're all alright," said Bobby Jo Pate, the stores manager.

Pate said the cashier on duty last night was understandably shaken at what happened.

She said, she handled the situation like a pro.

"I'm proud of my cashier, she did an excellent job.  She did everything by the book and I have nothing but high praises for her," said Pate.

Despite surviving a scare and realizing the potential outcome the cashier continued to work her regular shift.

Crews from the truck company stayed through the night to continue cleaning up.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis