Fire Destroys Pike Road Home, Barn; Kills Dozens of Animals

A barn fire in Pike Road burned a home and killed 30 animals.
A barn fire in Pike Road burned a home and killed 30 animals.

Pike Road, Al. (WSFA) -- A Pike Road family is dealing with an unimaginable tragedy after losing their house, their barn, and more than thirty animals they kept on their homestead.

It happened when a sudden and fast moving fire erupted very early Wednesday morning.

The fire also nearly ignited a little girls bedroom, but worst of all, it's broken her heart.

Darlene Lee can barely talk about what happened.  It's simply too painful.

"She asked me where Freckles was," Mrs. Lee said.  "That's what she named her pony. The little horse was Freckles."

The 'she' is Darlene's daughter Genalyn.  Freckles was a gift, a replacement for another one in December.

"The horse we got her for Chrismas, we had to put him down because he caught colitis and we had to have him destroyed three days before Christmas," said Mrs. Lee.  "This was to replace the horse we got at Christmas and we lost him last night."

The Lees were asleep in their home when they heard one of the worst sounds any homeowner can imagine.

"We heard a real loud explosion and my daughter came in saying she smelled smoke," Mrs. Lee said.

When the family walked outside, they discovered their barn fully engulfed in flames, and inside, a collection of life to rival any modern day farm

"The pigs, the baby pigs died and the birds, I had about 30 birds in there and they're gone too," said Darlene Lee.

The family called for help and tried to save the animals.

"I managed to get around to the horse and he was, it was already too late for the horse," Lee said.

If there's any reason for the family to take heart, it's because their little girl is safe, despite coming closer to the explosion than anyone else.

"Bless her heart, her bedroom was the one that was hit the worst and she just got out before the ceiling started to collapse in," Lee said.

Now, as friends and family help the Lees pick up the pieces, their hearts are heavy, but they have a plan.

"With the Good Lord's help. That's the only way I know how to put it," said Mrs. Lee.

The Lees are staying with family while investigators try to figure out what caused the fire at their barn.

Insurance adjusters are also looking at the situation and when they're finished, the Lees plan to rebuild on their family land in Pike Road.