Vietnam Memorial Wall Now Available Online

The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC has gone virtual.

A web site launched by the National Archives and now makes it easier to access records of those whose names appear on the wall.

More than 58,000 U.S. troops lost their lives in the Vietnam War, some 1,200 were from Alabama.

Their names are etched in granite stone at the famed Vietnam Memorial.

And now, an interactive web site launched by the National Archives and will provide greater access than ever before to information about the people behind the names.

Allen Weinstein of the National Archives says "this website will also help us remember the crucial facts about the nature of this and other wars."

It's a web re-creation of the Vietnam Memorial, and finding someone on the wall is as simple as typing a name, tour date, or home town into a search box on the website.

It then zooms into the area of the wall where the individual name can be viewed and provides information ranging from photos to casualty reports.
Russell Wilding, the CEO of says "we hope that this interactive wall will become a means for healing and paying tribute to those who sacrificed and given to our country.

It's a link to the service records of those who've given their lives and the stories of their time at war.

Visitors to the web site can also post comments and view the comments of others.

Hundreds of veterans visit the central research room each year to examine documents and the site will mean they no longer will have to travel to the archives locations to gain access to the records.