Third Victim Dies in Columbus, Georgia Hospital Shooting Spree

Columbus, Georgia -- A third victim has died leaving only the gunman as a survivor after a shooting spree at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Georgia.  According to the Columbus Police Chief the suspect's mother died at the hospital in 2004. The gunman, now identified as 63-year old Charles Johnson, walked into the hospital with a gun around 2:20pm and began firing.

Johnson shot and killed one person on the fifth floor of the hospital then wounded another. He then went outside to the hospital's parking lot and shot a third person.

A police car pulled up and the gunman then fired on the officer, who returned fire but missed Johnson. After running from the scene, Johnson shot at a motor squad officer. That officer also shot and missed the suspect, who was ultimately brought down a plain clothes detective. The detective's bullet hit Johnson in the shoulder. He is now listed in satisfactory condition at Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Columbus police are investigating the three murders while the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is focusing on the law enforcement shootings in the parking lot.

The hospital says they are in shock. While there were no medal detectors, the facility did activate its alert system when the shooting began, taking the staff to Code Gray. Now, patrols around the hospital are being stepped up and councilors are being brought in.

Sources tell us that one of the victims was a nurse who treated Johnson's mother.

A press conference will be held Friday morning. WSFA 12 News will bring you the very latest as it becomes available.